Friday, June 18, 2010

Verizon Talks About Metered Data - And They Seem All Too Okay With It

In this Bloomberg Business Week article Verizon Wireless makes it apparent that for all their generosity in regards to the Open Handset Alliance, they will not be nice enough to continue collecting premium monthly services charges that actually allow all you can eat data.  

I understand that the idea of business is to profit, I do, but why is this okay with so many people?  There is plenty of profit to be made without somewhat trivializing the whole idea of broadband.  With more place-shifting of video, constantly updating location-aware services, streaming audio, live maps, etc popping up everyday, its obviously going to be all the more exciting and useful to flex our technology muscles with those fancy devices in our pockets (and usually hands) as speed gets ramped up by LTE/4G.  So, just as we see this glorious light, with promise of speeds similar to what we have at home and work, allowing seemingly limitless possibilities...the largest domestic cellular carrier tells us, "oh no, there will be limits."
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hands On With The Droid 2 (not OUR hands if you wanna get all technical)

One lucky NASA intern (logically) was able to get his hands on a Droid 2 today and has a little info and a few pics to share.  The skinny?  The keyboard is a great improvement, the camera is much faster, the overall feel is better, and its rocking 2.1 now but will likely launch with 2.2 (or get it shortly after launch).  Oh, and when is it coming?  "In the next few weeks."  So uh, who knows.  We're glad to see the device and its improvements but this guy will be camping out for an LTE Droid unless it turns out this thing also bakes cookies.  Thanks to Gizmodo and Gizmodo reader 'Zack.'

Check it out on Gizmodo and let us know what you think about the exterior color/finish.  Me?  "oooohhh, shiny!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Does your DROID baseband have you searching for a charger?

Since updating to baseband C_01.43.01P several users have noticed an increase in battery life.  Other users, including myself, have noticed a decrease in battery life.  It seems that even with minimal call times, the battery is eaten away disproportionately by 'voice calls.'  Below are some screen shots as evidence.  Just to give you an idea, in the last hour and a half (since the batt usage was reset) I was on the phone for under 5 minutes.

Pardon the DroCap anomaly on the second image.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weather Channel App For Android Gets Slick Update

We'll post some screen shots once these 2 dozen newly purchased chocolate chip cookies are digested, but while out we noticed that The Weather Channel App got a nice update.  It seems largely cosmetic, but definitely nice.  Changes we've noticed include:

-'Nowcast' a brief narrative summary of the current conditions.
-Improved widget that now includes wind information as well as 'feels like' temp
-One click access to map/radar

Time will tell if the batt life is just as much a non-issue and how the new flashy graphics slow things down, but so far, there is at least one happy new updater.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blackberry 9670 Flip Running 6.0. Wait, what?

So I've been dragging my feet a bit (can you tell) and have a plethora of things I've been waiting to let loose on the site recently.  I have a nice little schpeel on Blackberry OS 6.0 (not a rant, all good things - hopefully) but this isn't it. 

This picture, thanks to BGR is the rumored Blackberry 9670.  It is an odd bird, I will agree there, but, I think there is potential.  I will probably catch some flack for this but I think it's an evolutionary step.  For so long the flip did so well, but smart phones, commanding more screen and sometimes keyboard real-estate made flips all but impossible.  Sliders are great, and I like the concept behind the Backflip, which negates the need for a second screen on a clam-shell, but I think the 9670 is a design that the younger texting masses might really dig...along with OS 6.0 which looks like it lends to the consumer market better than any BB OS thus far.  Is it convenient?  Doesn't look like it, but I dunno, its comfy.  Maybe we are seeing the missing link for those who want the messaging goodness and speed of a blackberry but are looking for something different.  The biggest downside I see is that you'd need an outside display, it would have to be touchscreen (the inside doesn't, it has plenty of controls), so you'd be protecting with the clam-shell design, the most vulnerable display. 

What do I know?  Nothing, but at least I haven't been flooding your world with more tales of phones lost in bars.

From BGR

Monday, February 22, 2010

The 2009 Engadget Awards

The 2009 Engadget Readers Choice and Editors Choice pics are out.

By and large the editors and readers saw eye to eye on the pics, with both groups naming the Motorola DROID the Gadget of the Year.  Readers went so far as to name it the Smart Phone of the Year as well.   Readers and editors also agreed that the GPS Device of the Year was Google Maps Navigation (Beta) for the DROID.  A bold assertion being that for the last few years GPS device have been one of the leading consumer electronics for purchase, use and fascination. 

With all the hype and fanfare for the N1 just a couple months ago, do you think this list would have been different if the magical ‘Google Phone’ would have been released before the year end?

There are a few other notables, so be sure to hop over to Engadget to check out the full list.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google, We're So Confident You'll Love Us We'll Direct You To Sites About Our World Domination

Just something that struck me funny.