Thursday, December 3, 2009

Additional BOGO infor for the DROID - good for upgraders?

A few days ago if you held your ear to almost any dork you'd have heard whispers of a BOGO offer for the DROID and last night the blogosphere became abuzz with word of a buy one get one deal.  Since its been less than 30 days since launch, this incredible deal would mean that anyone that has bought a DROID at Verizon so far can get another.  We first heard credible news of this from BGR but we've managed to some Spicy Biscuits of detail that we think might make you twitch with anticipation.

Some posters on tech forums said that the deal was this weekend and only to apply to those adding a line, in other words, upgrade to the DROID and you can get another one for free if you add a line.  A good deal, but not what some wanted.  Our sources now say this deal will apply to new lines, add-a-lines, and upgrades.  The catch?  The freebie is a DROID Eris.  Don't let that get you down, the Eris is a solid phone, and while considered entry level it won't let you down.  If you have another line (or want one) and have bought (or are buying this weekend) a DROID you may be in for a great deal.  Lets see what ends up happening when this weekend but if you're as excited as I am you're already realizing you have to get another USB hub to charge all these toys.

Check out the DROID Eris review over on Gizmodo and watch Android take over the world...