Friday, December 4, 2009

Charge your phone at any outlet...without an adapter. USB wall jacks.

I've seen a few write ups for making your own USB wall jack, but they pretty much involved sacraficing an iPod charger (or similar) and stuffing it in the wall (against code), dremeling a bit, etc.  For what we think is the bargain price of $9.95 FastMac is now offering up this beauty (pending UL approval of course).

They have an easy install video to make sure you are comfortable with, well, wire nuts and screws, but install only if you're comfortable with basic household wiring.  Seems pretty convenient having the power supply built in and all, especially for only a couple dollars more than a standard outlet. 

We do have to wonder, how many people might stumble across these in the future and spend 30 mins on the phone with their family geek designate wondering why the printer won't work?
(FastMac via CrunchGear)