Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Updated: Forced 2.0.1 Droid Update - My Findings

We're just about to enjoy some R&R for a bit but couldn't pass this up, we will let you know our results in a bit.

At your own risk...thank to Syntrix @ adnroidforums.com.

The install was easy as pie, then I rebooted and saw the new screen.  Cool.  Looks okay, hmm, error loading widget.  Well, I guess they updated the picture frame widget, I will just reset it.  Thats weird, says I have no media in the gallery.  Let me try straight from the gallery.  Application not loaded huh?  It's probably just the shortcut - drag up the full menu - select gallery, ah, there it is.  Oh, still no media.

(so by this time, I'm a tad concerned)

We'll just reboot it.  No Gallery shortcut but launches from the main menu.  Thats great news! Oh, I've been "please wait"ing for a few minutes now.  We'll see how this goes.  Oh, hit abck and we're good now.

All seems well.  What a rush!  Now to play with it.