Saturday, December 12, 2009

Updated - The Google Phone Rumors: I No Longer 'Get It'

Android Central, phanroid and engadget are all (and others I type I am sure) are posting Tweets and other rumors about Google having a big what to do and giving employees the rumored 'Google Phone.'  It seems it is made by HTC, has a trackball and no physical keyboard.  Sounds a lot like the Passion everyone has been waiting on.  We wrote about this not long ago, the idea that Google may put out a phone that is VOIP only and the changes that could start making in the mobile and data worlds.

I am as excited as the next guy about this but I thought the 'big news' of all this was the possibility that Google would make the phone (they didn't, HTC did) and that it would be VOIP, not CDMA, GSM, etc.  If this device doesn't hit either of those specs then why is it any different than any other new Android device?  I'm not knocking it.  Cool, a new device, and a nice gift for employees (like when they gave MyTouch units away to developers a while back) but why is this the 'Google Phone?'  I'm not being crass or critical, I am wondering what I am missing.  The fact that the employees that tweeted about this device even called it such makes me think there is something that were don't know that sets this device apart?  What is it?

Lasers.  Please let it be lasers.

Update:  Here are the links I have found to this info so far, I'm gonna keep reading and look for the lasers.  I do realize btw that if Google sells it and markets it themselves as part of the Open Handset Alliance that this iss signifigant, but still only about as signifigant as far as capabilities as a rooted [inset Android hardware here].

Android Central - phanroid - engadget
Gizmodo - Android Central - Crunch Gear

Update2: Well, they ddin't give us much but Google has noted on their blog that they are brewing something up.  Official Google Mobile Blog