Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our first Spicy Biscuit., "The Southwood Project"...infusion never sounded so good.

We'd like to start out by telling you about a band with a sound you have spent far too long not hearing and now you get to hear about it from a real music expert...musician...guy who likes good music.  The Southwood Project is a group that we've seen in a number of venues big and small.  Their website described their sound as "Jazz/Reggae" but a description that terse wouldn't suffice even crafted by the most masterful of wordsmiths.  Playing all original music they are an infusion of jazz and reggae yes, but they are so much more, often featuring instruments you will be fetching your middle school band book just to identify.  The numerous origins of their sound is only trumped by the variety of combinations on the stage.

Started in 2006 The Southwood Project is headed up by Southwood who is generally on bass and lead vocals but in this band there are no rules.  In a performance of one of their hits, "Down In The Valley" on stage at Stage 84 (formerly The Chocolate Moose Cafe) Southwood picked up a trombone for an impromptu and powerful horn session, setting it down to resume lyrics powerful but non-imposing, I couldn't help but feeling like I was in a dream sequence being escorted thru the journey by the meaningful guitar riffs of Big Smood and alive by The Pablo carrying 'the bubble' on keys...though I may have been drinking...hence the kazoo (right).

This was just a moment on just one evening.  As mentioned, you could catch any combination of these great musicians on stage.  Southwood (below left) tells me the number of people on the stage really just depends on the stage.  That is to say they will gladly fill any space with genuinely mesmerizing tunes and the stage with multi-talented musicians - that's one of the most refreshing parts, you never know you what flavor you're going to get.

In conclusion make this a priority.  Check out a few of their songs on their website.  These glassy tunes will let you float lively into a world where you will discover that not all reggae is heavily dialectal patios and not all music fits in your paradigms.  Listen to the words, listen to the sounds and take the ride.

The Southwood Project can be found playing throughout SoFla and Southwood can be found on albums with such prominent musical stars as Julian Marley's "Sharp As A Razor."  Next stop is again Stage 84 in Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Tickets are a bargain $5 at the door and the $5 pitchers don't hurt either.