Monday, December 7, 2009

Phone Tech - Droid Eris is WILL be getting Android 2, Passion Delayed Until 2010? X10 going magenta?

Information Week has, well, information (go figure) that Verizon will release a significant update to the Droid Eris, bringing it to at least 2.0.  We also spoke with one of our tipsters who says that VZW hasn't yet sent out training/promo materials on the upgrade but that a weekly email has confirmed the validity of IW's source. This means that it won't be long until the Droid is not the only Android 2 kid on the block, great for app availability really. While you can put Google Maps w/ Navigation on even a G1 right now, we're thinking this upgrade will bring Nav and a number of other desirable features to users that might not otherwise go through the trouble of seeking them.  The big question is, with this information, do you regret not taking advantage of the BOGO deal at VZW this past weekend?

Also of not to some is that the Passion appears to have been delayed, multiple sources swear by it, and lets be real, there are only 2.5 weeks until X-Mas anyways.  If you had hopes of one in your stocking this X-Mas I'm sorry, but right now we're not even certain which carriers are going to be getting the Passion, or the XPERIA X10 for that matter.   AndroidGuys have what looks to be reasonable evidence that the X10 is spec'd for the 'TMO only' 1700MHz 3G spectrum.  On one hand this makes sense becuase TMO really took the plunge when they launched the G1 and has not since had a device with the impact the X10 seems sure to possess.  How TMO will subsidize a device this pricey to keep it within its normal market we're curious about.