Monday, December 7, 2009

Phone Tech - (UPDATED) The Mot Droid Updates Have have some other Google goodies while you wait

Update:  So thanks to an awesome multi-hour power outage we kinda killed updates on the roll out.  In case you haven't heard by now BGR is reporting that some of you will get lucky any second...others will be upset for a few days.

"Here’s what we’ve got: a clear explanation from a VZW connect that outlines how the OTA updates work for the Motorola DROID. At noon today, approximately 1,000 people received the notification to update their handset. At around midnight this evening, 9,000 more will receive it. After the initial 10,000, there is a 48-hour waiting period. No one after that receives anything until December 10th at 12AM, which will be 200,000 people. It will continue at 200,000 devices a day until everyone is updated."

The Spicy Biscuits night crew just gave the gerbil in the wheel some ritalin so hopefully the lights and updates will keep on chuggin.

A few days ahead of the December 11th date we expected the roll out of the Droid updates have begun.  Droid owners should start getting alerts letting them know it is available sometime int he next 48 hours according to many-a-forums. 

Improvements can be expected in a number of areas including stability, battery use, camera speed, and more.  Check out for the full list...per VZW.  Check back here and follow the thread on Android Foums for the up to date skinny, but don't knock your head on the "mine still says no updates available!" posts. 

Not to be left in the shadows of this update, all Android users can download a new version of Google Maps with some nice labs features (such as terrain, a compass and more) but make sure you enable them, they are disabled by default.  And, last but certainly not least...

Google Goggles for Android launched today.  There have been some similar iPhone apps but this is 100% genuine Google and allows you to search by taking pictures of landmarks, signs, bar codes, and more.  A nifty augmented reality feature shows info for business that are all around you...we'll have to try that out during lunch.  Video demo after the break.