Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top 10 Smartphone Advances Of 2009

Information Week has published the 'Top 10 Smartphone Advances Of 2009.'  Nothing earth-shatteringly surprising but a nice summary of this madness that so many have permanatly affixed to their hips, ears, hands and world.  Anything missing Mr President?  We didn't think so.

The short story?

10. Computer Makers Jump Into The Smartphone Space
9. Symbian Marches Toward Open Source
8. Google Voice Can't Get On The 
7. Palm Becomes Relevant Again, Kind Of
6. Microsoft Tries To Keep Pace
5. Mobile App Market Explodes
4. Android Army Gathers Soldiers
3. Apple Revamps The iPhone
2. BlackBerry Hits The Mainstream
1. Motorola Mounts A Comeback

via Information Week