Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just Becuase - A Trojan Horse in Nassau

This picture comes courtesy of the Boxing Day parade in Nassau.  A very neat event, and we can't think of anything that isn't made cooler by a trojan horse...except computers.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

There's No Cure For Cancer, But We Are Hard At Work Shaving Fly Genitalia With Lasers [Gizmodo]

Some things just have to be re-posted.  Seems some people smarter than I am get paid more than I do to figure out how to remove the spines off a fly's junk so they can watch them pork.  Nice.

Gizmodo - Laser Fly Shaving

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Great Big Beautiful (High-Def) Tomorrow

Word on Main Street USA is that the current/future scene in The Carousel of Progress in WDW got a new TV for the holidays.

This animatronic stage show originally from the 1964 Worlds Fair, now residing in Walt Disney World follows a typical American family from the roaring twenties to present day.  With technology constantly changing however, the 'present' day scene looks like its been left behind once in a while.  In place of what appeared to be a large SD projection TV is (according to user dmc495 on a new Samsung HDTV.  Well, that's progress for ya.

We'll try and get some pics this weekend.  Another great excuse to go to 'The World.'

UPDATE:  Follow the jump for a fullsize pic.  Is that a Sumsung?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google Voice Updated 0.3.0

Not seeing a change log as is usual for Google.  Only change this author has noticed thus far is an improvement in earpeice volume.  Still no screen lock from the proximity sensor, that would be grand.

We'll keep playing around and let you know if we find anything else.

So Google Announced The Nexus One - Is The Marketing Bigger Than The Gear?

We're pretty sure the Nexus One is animportant phone and a pretty nifty gadget.  It doesn't however fly or do the dishes, so what about all the what-to-do?  Isn't it all a bit, dare we say, Apple-esque?

Google has spent some real time and money shaping Android into a great OS and getting developers and hardware manufacturers on board to make everything from mobile phones and e-readers to well, something from Logitech and maybe some kitchen gear.  They are facilitating numerous products that give even the best suppliers of geek and grandma alike, a run for their money.  What they hadn't done (IMHO) util now was create a wave of anticipation like this.  Not as secretive as Apple and certainly lacking the drama of a 'one man on stage, one device in hand' presentation, but is the shift in marketing the missing link for Google when it comes to tangible products?                                                  (Image From