Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Great Big Beautiful (High-Def) Tomorrow

Word on Main Street USA is that the current/future scene in The Carousel of Progress in WDW got a new TV for the holidays.

This animatronic stage show originally from the 1964 Worlds Fair, now residing in Walt Disney World follows a typical American family from the roaring twenties to present day.  With technology constantly changing however, the 'present' day scene looks like its been left behind once in a while.  In place of what appeared to be a large SD projection TV is (according to user dmc495 on a new Samsung HDTV.  Well, that's progress for ya.

We'll try and get some pics this weekend.  Another great excuse to go to 'The World.'

UPDATE:  Follow the jump for a fullsize pic.  Is that a Sumsung?