Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So Google Announced The Nexus One - Is The Marketing Bigger Than The Gear?

We're pretty sure the Nexus One is animportant phone and a pretty nifty gadget.  It doesn't however fly or do the dishes, so what about all the what-to-do?  Isn't it all a bit, dare we say, Apple-esque?

Google has spent some real time and money shaping Android into a great OS and getting developers and hardware manufacturers on board to make everything from mobile phones and e-readers to well, something from Logitech and maybe some kitchen gear.  They are facilitating numerous products that give even the best suppliers of geek and grandma alike, a run for their money.  What they hadn't done (IMHO) util now was create a wave of anticipation like this.  Not as secretive as Apple and certainly lacking the drama of a 'one man on stage, one device in hand' presentation, but is the shift in marketing the missing link for Google when it comes to tangible products?                                                  (Image From FoneArena.com)