Monday, February 22, 2010

The 2009 Engadget Awards

The 2009 Engadget Readers Choice and Editors Choice pics are out.

By and large the editors and readers saw eye to eye on the pics, with both groups naming the Motorola DROID the Gadget of the Year.  Readers went so far as to name it the Smart Phone of the Year as well.   Readers and editors also agreed that the GPS Device of the Year was Google Maps Navigation (Beta) for the DROID.  A bold assertion being that for the last few years GPS device have been one of the leading consumer electronics for purchase, use and fascination. 

With all the hype and fanfare for the N1 just a couple months ago, do you think this list would have been different if the magical ‘Google Phone’ would have been released before the year end?

There are a few other notables, so be sure to hop over to Engadget to check out the full list.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Google, We're So Confident You'll Love Us We'll Direct You To Sites About Our World Domination

Just something that struck me funny.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Motorola Update Schedule

In case you haven't yet seen it and are itching for your OTA (over the air) update, check out Motorola's posted schedule.  It's a bit loose, but will still save some people their battery since they know what quarter they have to start checking for that update notification.

Keep checking them for updates, or stay tuned here.  Trust me, we'll let you know.

Verizon Wireless BOGO on Android & WebOS Tomorrow?

BGR is reporting that Verizon Wireless will be offering Buy-One-Get-One deals on Android and WebOS devices starting tomorrow, the 16th of Feb.

This is big news for anyone in the market for any of these devices.  Of course, you will need a 2 year agreement and commit to 2 years of the appropriate data plan for the subsidized device(s).

I know, half of you reading this just want Android 2.1 on your Droids.  Patience, patience.  Now fuel the Android fire by telling your friends about the BOGO deal.

from BGR

Monday, February 8, 2010

Motorola DROID 2.1 Update Rolling Out This Week

According to Motorola's Facebook page, the DROID update you have been waiting for will roll out beginning this week.  The big question is, will the update provide all the things you have been hoping for?