Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blackberry 9670 Flip Running 6.0. Wait, what?

So I've been dragging my feet a bit (can you tell) and have a plethora of things I've been waiting to let loose on the site recently.  I have a nice little schpeel on Blackberry OS 6.0 (not a rant, all good things - hopefully) but this isn't it. 

This picture, thanks to BGR is the rumored Blackberry 9670.  It is an odd bird, I will agree there, but, I think there is potential.  I will probably catch some flack for this but I think it's an evolutionary step.  For so long the flip did so well, but smart phones, commanding more screen and sometimes keyboard real-estate made flips all but impossible.  Sliders are great, and I like the concept behind the Backflip, which negates the need for a second screen on a clam-shell, but I think the 9670 is a design that the younger texting masses might really dig...along with OS 6.0 which looks like it lends to the consumer market better than any BB OS thus far.  Is it convenient?  Doesn't look like it, but I dunno, its comfy.  Maybe we are seeing the missing link for those who want the messaging goodness and speed of a blackberry but are looking for something different.  The biggest downside I see is that you'd need an outside display, it would have to be touchscreen (the inside doesn't, it has plenty of controls), so you'd be protecting with the clam-shell design, the most vulnerable display. 

What do I know?  Nothing, but at least I haven't been flooding your world with more tales of phones lost in bars.

From BGR