Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hands On With The Droid 2 (not OUR hands if you wanna get all technical)

One lucky NASA intern (logically) was able to get his hands on a Droid 2 today and has a little info and a few pics to share.  The skinny?  The keyboard is a great improvement, the camera is much faster, the overall feel is better, and its rocking 2.1 now but will likely launch with 2.2 (or get it shortly after launch).  Oh, and when is it coming?  "In the next few weeks."  So uh, who knows.  We're glad to see the device and its improvements but this guy will be camping out for an LTE Droid unless it turns out this thing also bakes cookies.  Thanks to Gizmodo and Gizmodo reader 'Zack.'

Check it out on Gizmodo and let us know what you think about the exterior color/finish.  Me?  "oooohhh, shiny!"